Friday, March 31, 2006

Dualities :: "on the one hand ...."

"... and, on the other hand"

Duality is just a way of differentiating some 'thing', some measure of contrast. It's not absolute. It's not a 'given'.

Yin yang is not duality for there's far more to it than two aspects. It's dynamic, each element chasing the other, each contrained within the other, and all contained within something else!

North south depends if it's the compass one is referring to or the electromagnetic force. If it's a compass there's also west and east to think about as well as all the other points. If it's the electromagnetic, quantum cosmology provides examples of the monopole and other 'magnetic attractions' which are not dependent on duplicity.

Light dark what? Our eyes receive a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum, in shades and tones, and in varying degrees of brightness (or darkness) sometimes too bright to look at and view directly. Similarly, is 'seeing pitchblack' absolute darkness and, if so who decides?

Is sexuality about male female gender orientation or is it procreation? Is sperm, egg, zygote the same debate? Equal rights the same debate? Consumation and abstinance, monogamy, polygamy and celebacy are discussions of tradition, culture, different beliefs and teachings. There's plenty of evidence to show that ALL humans are a blend of masculine and feminine attributes influenced by hormone balance, genetically, socialogically and by other means. Some cultures accept up to 16 identified different sexual orientational practices as morale, just and acceptable.

Health is not the absence of disease. This has been mentioned in other posts and there's masses yet for humanity to unfold and awaken to.

Peace war
are not two sides of the same coin either. The opposite of war is anti-war and is generated by FEAR (False Evidence Appearing as Real). The drama requires three components to potentise itself (not two, but three). The drama needs a 'victim', a 'perpetrator' and 'rescuer' in order to make it spin. War IS it's own enemy! Authentic peace has no opposite.

Life death are not opposites. Good evil are not opposites. If you have a problem working this out, then please discuss it with me. Hate is not the opposite of love. Love has no opposite.

One of the fundementals we learn in Kriya Yoga is achieving equanimity - the observation of equal mindedness of self - in the four key dualities (or opposites). Each are flip sides of the same record:
  1. Pleasure & Pain
  2. Fame & Disgrace
  3. Loss & Gain
  4. Heat & Cold
Being able to simply observe equanimity - without REaction - aligns our subtle energies of the Human Biofield firstly to the seven centres which are largely orientated with the physiological system, secondly to prepare us to harmonise more the next six centres for harmonisation oriented toward Unity Consciousness, thirteen in all.

Think about it. How can the grosser or lower levels of vibration give way to the finer-tuned, subtle frequencies radiate through with so much 'push-pull' activity, action and REaction going on at the more physical level, all the 'rights and wrongs' to decide upon, foods and drink which stimulate or suppress brain activity and energy levels, the myriad of other influences for us to ricochet in so many directions each of which are all justifiable (according to where we are 'at' or what we consider to be 'right' at that time)? When Tibetan monks sit in meditation and melt snow, this technique is, in some ways, aligned to gaining equanimity.

The homosapien population 6,604,592,500 individual entities (at the time of writing) all trying to survive, each in their own way, how many are consciously aspiring to Unity Consciousness to resolve their perception of duality?

If you're reading this, then you probably in a privilaged position - through whatever circumstance brought you here - to do something about it, should you choose!

Something to ponder.

Cosmic Law Wheel :: falun dafa

Cultivation & Practice.

In some respects falun dafa, falun gong is a fusion using buddhist and taoist principles. Fa Universal law, lun wheel and da great. Definitions, terminology and the meaning of the revolving swastika symbol are explained here.

There are just five exercises to learn. The whole system is yours for the taking, and it's all for free. Amazing! At their media centre you can create your own resource library on MP3, VCD and other ways. Download videos or audios:
  • all the 5 exercises in sequence;
  • music tracks for practice;
  • 9 lectures /talks from Li Hongzhi, the founder;
  • there's even ready made labels for CD sets etc.
Each lecture is about 1.5 hrs. Before you think "wow, that's too much to listen to" consider how much time you 'give' listening to news, soaps and similar. Also, these are not workshops/ seminars you have to pay for or go somewhere to learn!

Whether you agree with everything Li says, some of it or non of it, this IS amazing work and the technques ARE doing a lot of good for a lot of people, particularly in China. It's powerful stuff to the extent that practitioners are tortured and murdered .... just for doing a form of qi gong practice? Crazy!!

One of the points Li makes repeatedly is that, this may not be the right technique for all people, but whatever you(we) do, whatever our chosen method is, we need to make a commitment to the cultivation and practice. Those who think enlightenment or ascendence comes just by thinking it or just by waiting for global change, are deluding themselves. Work and application is required.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why? :: F.A.Q's

Soul Purpose

Is it to do with awakening and/or ascension? More than likely.

Are humans 'hard-wired' for this process/purpose? Could be.

Do we exist in other dimensions? Yes, definitely.

Is it about activation of the Light Body? Why not!

Is it about religion or faith? No.

What about guilt and virtue? You tell me.

Past and future? Healing is in the present, wherever that may be in the Eternal Now.

Is it open for everyone? Yes, but only a small minority will respond.

Is it just theta and delta brainwave patterns or achieving other altered states of consciousness? No.

Is it to do with self-realisation? Depends what's experiential and what remains theoretical for you.

Is it a Soul grouping coming together for the great event? If it resonates with you at a profound level, you'll know. Be guided from within.

I've not found any system which completely supports my beliefs of 'who I am' in a way that's wholly authentic and respectful of my Sovereign Being.

In looking to follow certain gurus or faith traditions, at some point I nearly always find their views incomplete, sometimes doctrinated in a way I find unacceptable. From a deep sense of knowing, they haven't got the full picture and it would be inauthentic for me to compromise and continue. Some, I find are bigoted, opinionated and take a moral high-ground, because they have a captive audience who have lost their inquisitive ability. The majority still look for forgiveness and absolution and are not seeking their Divinity.

The story of faith systems, their history and evolution sometimes is a stringing together to account events to justify what they do in the name of truth without evidence. Therefore, in my opinion these are JUST stories not to be taken as literal and filters need to be used, much as you'd use a spam filter on your computer. Discernment! Paradox and double standards appear frequently, most of which are neatly justified, sometimes too neatly i.e. "it's OK for me to do this, but not so you." This, to me is part of the dumbing down, control-drama in another way.

Discourse and dialogue have their use in helping us refocus, in realigning, in our rediscovery, but the time has to come when we lay down the words in preference to personal practice and cultivation techniques, to direct experience. Otherwise, words count for very little.

One thing all techniques share is the requirement for focused intent, personal practice and conscious cultivation.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sungazing :: solar yoga

Solar Healing

Of course, why wouldn't I want to? It's not buying into a religious regimen or strict meditation discipline, and there's no temple or church to go to. Nor is it quasi spiritualism, no workshops or seminars to attend or sign-up for. And, it's not about learning what food is 'right' for us/me, nor about eating or not eating.

It's learning an easy technique, building the practice gradually just for nine months. It's about making a focused direct connection with the sun at an appropriate time on a daily basis .... our star which gives life to us and our host planet. The effects can be scientifically measured. And, no radical changes need to be made from the outset, just the commitment to do it. OK!

Looking at remedial fasting retreats, the results great and well worth all the effort, but they need so much preparation and dedication to see it through, and take out so much time. Not easy to do very often. Since studying rawfoodism I've long accepted that nutrition via food is a secondary source and the primary source being solar. I also love the idea of potentising solar water. This makes perfect sense.

I came across Hiri Ratan Manek's work about five years ago, read an article and was mildly interested. Another time I browsed his website and didn't really take in the information fully but I was curious on a couple of evenings to give it a go, then the next day was cloudy so that was the end of it. Now, having come across the info yet again it's as if it keeps finding me! I've read it more thoroughly this time and it 'presses all my "yes" buttons'. It's so natural.

When I think of some of the awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets I've seen in the past, at times majestic beyond description .... I'm gonna make it part of my daily routine. One sunrise I can never forget was whilst trekking in the Himalayas. I felt a deep and intimate connection with the planetary and systemic movement and rotation, with the divinity of nature on a scale I cannot begin to describe.

For years I've worked with the 13 lunar cycles in each solar cycle (instead of 12 months which make little sense). With the potent energy of the full moon sometimes as a peak experience, it's always a time for special meditations. Similarly, beginning something afresh around the new moon is routine to me. I'm also usually 'tuned-in' with the equinox and solstices and tend to mark each occasion with something special. How come I've missed out on synchronising with the sun itself, taking it for granted? Better prepare for healing of the solar kind.

I so resonate with Hira's words about it being a method of focus for Eternal Bliss, freedom from the threefold sufferings, mental illness, physical illness and spiritual ignorance.

Food To Die For :: take a fresh look

"Eat What YOU Are Biologically Suited To"

A simple message: If you had a car which runs best on unleaded, why would you persist trying to make it run on 4 star or diesel?

Most of us have sick behaviour because our mindset is to think that it's OK to eat what we can get away with rather than what we're actually suited to. Consequently, it makes us even more sick and keeps us trapped in varying degrees of unwellness. The majority of us are on toxic overload most of the time. Our poor immune defenses are endlessly on full-alert and then start kicking-back to give us reactions and food intolerances. If we take little or no notice or when we think we'll get rid of the symptoms by druging and suppression it then moves to the next stages of illness and disease in varying levels of severity. And, then we die before we would otherwise need to.

(When I think of the cycles of birth and rebirth, no wonder we keep on going round and suffering the same old stuff, we're living in ignorance of our biological nature! It's not just about emotional liberation and spiritual transcendence, there are physiological aspects too which, in my opinion, are not about mind over matter.)

If I could have a pound for every time someone has said to me "oh, I listen to my body and eat intuitively" I'd be awash with dosh. Generally, these words come from people with addiction who don't know it (or are in denial), and they believe what they're saying to be true and OK.

This would have been so years ago before the food and chemical industries took over to over sensitise our taste buds, get us hooked on addictive toxic poisions. Typically, thesedays, the things which we crave are the things which do us most damage, not the other way round. This is a perversion of what we think of as intuitive "it makes me feel good" (for a moment only, because you're feeding an addiction, not your body).

Do you intuitively eat salad leaves stored in inert gas to keep it fresh or a tomato or fruit deprived of natural ripening, stripped it's minerals and nutrition? What's intuitive about eating sugar or thickening agents? Where's the intuition in eating any processed food or pre-prepared meals bought in a supermarket? Where's the intuition in sweetners or flouride in water? All these things should carry labels Class 'A' Drugs (additive)!!

We've had a lifetime of conditioning as to what's right. Generally, parents don't really know and do their best to get by. We think Doctors are some kind of authority yet they get virtually no training as a General Practitioner, one day! All the nutrition gurus .... opens another can of worms all selling their way as right. We are lost in the maze and the haze. Trouble is, often we don't think we're lost in the maze and just carry on doing what we're doing until our body kicks back and cries out 'I'm sick and tired'.

Many of us are blinded by moral and ethical issues. When if comes to what we are biologically suited to, the 'raw/vegan Vs meat debate' is the least of our worries. How far food has travelled? Organic? GM? In season? Animal derivative? Peter D'Adamo and his father James, both naturopathic doctors have done some very interesting research about blood types. Two points to note here:


"Blood types are as fundemental as creation itself. In the masterful logic of nature, the blood types follow an unbroken trail from the earliest moment of human creation to the present day. They are the signature of our ancient ancestors on the indestructible parchment of history.

"Now we have begun to discover how to use the blood type as a cellular fingerprint that unravels as many of teh major mysteries surrounding our quest for good health. This work is an extension of the recent groundbreaking findings concerning human DNA. Our understanding of blood type takes the science of genetics one step further by stating uneqivocally that every human being is utterly unique. There is no right or wrong lifestyle or diet; there are only right or wrong choices to be made based on our individual genetic codes."


"Your blood type is a more reliable measure of your identity than race, culture or geography. It is a genetic blueprint for who you are, a guide to how you can live most fully. The key to the significance of blood type can be found in the story of human evolution: Type O is the oldest; Type A evolved with the agrarian society; Type B emerged as humans migrated north into colder, harsher territories; and Type AB was a thoroughly modern adaptation, a result of intermingling of disparate groups. This evolutionary story relates directly to the dietary needs of each blood type today."

He goes on to explain other crucial sub-groupings and why some foods are nutritious and beneficial for one type and toxic poision to to another. This gives a very interesting dynamic reasoning to look into and further rsearch.

Personally, I generally go along with Metabolic Profiling as outlined by Joseph Mercola. I do go along with the idea that grains and carbohydrates are probably not natural to our species and are linked to 'feeding-the-masses' as our early societies began to get bigger, part of the control devices. Drs. Brasco & Cordain have interesting words to say.

If in doubt as to what you are biologically suited to, don't just read books and listen to people, get tested! Compare tests!! There are many ways, from hair analysis to a number of bioelectro diagnostic systems ranging from Vega systems, EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll), EDS (Electro Dermal Screening), and more.

Some the latest technology (which is of special interest to me) 'reads' your quantum Biofield and offers treatments using encoded organic colloidal minerals in 'charged' drops of water acting as a magnetic signpost to your field, realigning to help restore optimal health. If you'd like to find out more, do drop me a line. In the meantime, three basics:

1. Take charge: Unless you want to be another early-death statistic, a number in the matrix, get into the driving seat of what you eat.

2. Stop processed food: Stop ingesting mind altering additives and other poisons, other toxic substances even though they give a 'taste good' sensation, and are quick and convenient. Relearn how to prepare your own food for your own body.

3. Drink quality water: To rehydrate (think of the memory of water). There's plenty of evidence that most conditions are improved, if not healed by proper rehydration which means drinking a good 2 litres per day or pure water. Better still, make it sun-charged.

Some of the people I've met or talked to and whose work I respect are Elaine Bruce, John Fielder, Robert Snaidach. Don't take my words for it, do your own research, get tested and work out what's right for you.

Prana :: cosmic building blocks

One Creative Principle

What Indian sages thousands of years ago called "prana", the ancient Chinese named "chi" or "ki" and the Druids refer to as "od" or "id". It is commonly agreed, prana is the life force and works at neutrino level.

Modern science has found that our seemingly so solid world vibrates in an eternal dance of swirling atoms. These in turn consist of even smaller and smaller particles, which finally turn out to be pure energy (prana) densified in various wavelets and aggregates to form matter.

In general, there are two things which we take in when we breathe. One is air and the other is prana, pure life-force energy itself, more vital than air for our existence. If you take away air, you have a couple of minutes before you die; if you take away water, you have even more time; and if you take away food you have much more time still, but if you break prana from spirit, death is instantaneous. So taking in prana with breath is absolutely crucial in sustaining our life.

Prana is not just in the air, it is everywhere. There is nowhere that it is not; it even exists in a vacuum or a void. Nothing exists without prana, neither animate nor inanimate. Humans are an intricately layered four body energy system, consisting of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body - made of prana in various states of densification (i.e. wavelengths or vibrational harmonies). Each of these bodies is an electromagnetic energy field in form of a grid system, which resonates, in a specific frequency, not unlike an electronic computer memory bank. Each of these bodies functions on a different level and performs vital life interactions, e.g. processes information, holds memory and performs a multitude of other functions. The four bodies are linked through the chakra-system.

If unaligned (through shock, trauma, emotions) the mesh of these grids collects densified subtle energies (unreleased feelings, dysfunctional thought patterns... etc.) instead of letting them pass through. These unprocessed energies get trapped in the system. Moving through the layers, thoughts densify into emotions, emotions densify into physical sensations and finally solidify in physical symptoms - dis-ease and illness.

Prana is in everything and everything consist of it. The creative principle, per definition also is everything and everything consist of and through him/her/it . Therefore it seems that prana must be of divine nature and has to have a direct connection to First Source.

As prana is pure spirit, in breathwork session the "breather" usually connects via the spiritual body. Experiences include feeling warm and internally glowing, cared for and loved, mystical revelations and unity consciousness during the integration phase. Another fascinating by-product of this breathing technique is that it facilitates permanent Higher Self-connection. Initially you just get in touch with your Higher Self but over time you can establish a permanent conscious connection to your inner knowing, the Sovereign Self and true nature as soul having a human experience.

Recent findings suggest that once upon a time humans were actually consciously and continuously connected to the infinite supply of prana and existed purely of it. Not too long ago - about 13000 years - before the last pole-shift erased our conscious memory of it (as Drunvalo and Bob Frissell state), we used to breathe in such a way, that while air came in through our mouth and nose, we would take prana in through the top of our heads-what once was the soft spot on the top of our heads. Simultaneously, we took the prana in from below, through the perineum. If you carefully observe how new-born babies breathe you can actually observe this - a gentle pulsation at the fontanel and the perineum. The prana channel goes through the body like a vertical axle and is about two inches in diameter. It extends one hand length above the head and one hand length below the feet and connects with the crystalline energyfield (Mer-Ka-Ba) around the body. The prana then flows in from above and below the body and meets in one of the chakras. The chakra in which the prana meets depends on where you are mentally, emotionally, and dimensionally "tuned."

After the poles shifted, we stopped breathing in this manner and started taking in the prana through our mouth and nose directly with the air. The prana then bypassed the pineal gland in the centre of the head. The pineal gland is an eye - the third eye- not the pituitary gland as often thought of. It is shaped like an eyeball, round, hollow, with a lens for focusing light and colour receptors. It is designed to receive light from above to go to every cell in the body instantaneously. Normally this gland should be about the size of a quarter but in us it has become the size of a pea because we haven't used it for about 13,000 years.

The direct result of turning off the pineal gland is polarity consciousness-good and bad, right and wrong. Because of the way we breathe we see things in terms of good and evil, but in fact Unity is all there is; there is just one God, and one Spirit that moves through everything.

This post is based on an article written by my good friend Gerde Lange who does fantastic work. If you haven't already done so, try his breathwork courses!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Biogenic Living :: the Esseanic way

According to the Essenes ...

... most people are in 'death mentality'. Everything eaten in sorrow, anger or without desire becomes poison to the body, and otherwise the endless rage war continues. True brothers are those who do the will of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, they are not the brothers of blood (i.e. war and persecution).

At the 'royal table' (that provided by Mother Earth) rejoice for this is pleasing to the heart of the Lord (nature, the Law of Life). And your life will be long upon the Earth and the most precious of God's servants (your body system) will serve you all your days. Feed on the gifts of Mother Nature for six days and sanctify your body on the seventh for your Heavenly Father, let the Angels of God build the Kingdom of the Heavens in your body and let not food trouble the work of the Angels. I tell you truly, if you see not disease anymore upon Earth you will live in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

The body is the Temple of the Spirit and the Spirit is the Temple of God. The peace of God is within. When we discover this, then we find peace among ourselves. Then we return to our Brothers and give our peace to them also. The power of rebirth then brings the Light of Peace.

Work towards perfection, that you should become as perfect as your Heavenly Father. Holy Spirit is perfect, and that your body become as perfect as the body of your Earthly Mother is perfect.

The Biogenic Regimen
  • Eat essentially living foods, not heat-treated (cooked) food
  • Eat two times daily, noon and sunset, once a day if super-fit
  • Eat two or three foods together fruit a.m., leaves & veg p.m.
  • Small amounts of raw dairy untreated and not from cow
  • Fast one day per week
  • If diseased, fast one day for each of your years
I'm fascinated by the writings of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, particularly 'Search For The Ageless' series (as well as the more popular Essene Gospel of Peace), because of the biographical material and his journey to get accepted in order to access the otherwise, secret files in the Vatican. Well worth studying!

Shangri-la :: the Hunza

Secrets of the world's healthiest
and oldest living people

Jay Hoffman'’s accounted his journey nearly fifty years ago, to the Hunza Valley in the Himalaya of Northern Pakistan to research the oldest known people on the planet, the Hunzakuts. He describes in detail a community living a disease-free, long and healthy life, living over 100 years to 120 or perhaps even 140 really IS the natural norm for the human animal. Curious that this is NOT new information, that Jay's findings were carried out a couple of generations ago.

Perhaps if we can stop the continual poisoning of the body system and violating our very being, for us this need be some intangible esoteric concept or idealistic fantasy for future mankind to get his head around, or for scientists to manipulate our DNA or invent more pharmaceuticals. It's tanglible as something we can do here and now.

The Hunzakut Way Of Life

What makes them reknown for health, endurance and longevity? What do they do which is so different to have no degenerative disease and to die of old age rather than illness?

Essentially, their eating lifestyle involves being 90% vegetarian with a little milk and butter and goats meat on feast days. Staple in the diet is apricots, soy bean and wheat. They consume 80% complex carbohydrate, 10% protein and 10% fat. No oils or fats (other than in the form which nature presents it i.e. already contained in the whole food), no sugar, no condiments. No caffeine or alcohol drinks, however they do consume a high-mineral drink "salajeet" as part of the daily regime, a tea of rock resin. They have between 2-4 bowel movements per day, usually after each meal, stools which are soft and odourless. They always sleep on an empty stomach, never after a meal and typically for 6/7 hours each night. I wonder how easy it is to adapt to a similar regime and if it would bring the same results, or whether there would still be a magical 'something' missing?

Some say that the water they drink flowing from the glaciers are so pure and high in mineral content and energetically charged, that this is the most 'magical' ingredient as our water is so polluted, our foods deficient in minerals through forced growing and toxic chemicals and that a lot of what we consume is energetically dead.

In 2005 we were in discussion with them with the intention of starting a project there. We were also planning to take a small group on a trek to prepare to set it up. Then the earthquake happened and all plans were shelved. We'd still like to hear from anyone who is interested in taking part when the time's right. Do get in touch.

Intro :: reason for this blog

Light Project Reloaded

Thanks for stopping by. This blogspot is really to respond to questions and enquiries from the websites and other directions. We realised the sites were not constructed in ways which benefit people most, pages were 'fixed'. Therefore, we've redirected Peace Parks, Biofield Research, World In Peace and Light Project domains to this blog temporarily.

My apologies for initially uploading loads in one go. To a large extent it's stuff which was buried elsewhere in the other sites and we want to keep information available and accessible. Do let us know if there are any deadlinks or other loading difficulties (and typos).

We will be rebuilding the websites to meet the needs of people, if indeed there is a need?!

Do be mindful that The Light Project is not a physical place. A Peace Park or centre is a place in nature for peaceful things, which is not the same thing. However, they are not exclusive to one another. The Light Project is not information, words read in books or on this blog, nor dialogue, debate and rational thought process. However, they can be useful stepping stones and help provide a bridge, with the right intention.

"The most important things that each man must learn no one else can teach him. Once he accepts this disappointment, he will be able to stop depending on the therapist, the guru who turns out to be just another struggling human being. No meaning that comes from outside of ourselves is real. The Buddahood of each of us has already been obtained. We need only recognize it. This the Zen Master warns his disciple, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!" by Sheldon B Kopp

Forget the internet, it's a crutch, just a tool. Remember, The Light Project is essentially experiential.

See you on the inner-net!

Contemplate :: focus one

I am not my thoughts,

I am the silence between my thoughts

Contemplate :: focus two

I am the illusion

of my own making

The Sovereign Self :: jewel purpose

Secret Doctrine? Lucis Trust & Alice Bailey? Enochian? Pleiadean? Wingmakers? Arcturian?

Names and titles, in this instance, are not important as this is not a contest of cosmic contact or awareness. I've been asked to repeat and share an important spontaneous experience of 'other world reality' beyond five senses. It's not shamanic ritual. It's not about ayahuasca or any other drug, herb, mushroom or substance use.

Reason: many others experience something very similar if/when doing 'the work'. By work, I'm not talking about the daily grind, looking after family needs, keeping up-to-date with the media, or staying in-touch with the 'chatter and clatter' of our mates and friends, mobile phones, web search, and the like. It's the reverse. The hard work is getting away from all that. Then, the easy work is just going with the flow, away from man-made constructs, in harmony with nature, cleansing and purifying the system and tuning-in.

The background to my experience is that I'd been desperate to get away on a particular retreat. It resonated big time. It's as if I had some in-built knowing. I'd been meditating 'properly' for months, cleansing, affirmations and lots of other preparatory work. When I received the email of the retreat and the costs I was so disappointed. I could never afford it and never get the time off work to do it. In the very next post was a letter about some bizarre small insurance policy I didn't even know about which had been bought by another company (or something like that), and was paying small dividends. With the letter was a cheque which amounted to the cost of the retreat plus just enough travel money to get there and return home! Coincidence or synchronicity?

Some time later . . .

About 5 days into the retreat, eating pure foods, cleansed, focused and I'm 100% with everything that's going on, with some really cool people and thinking "if this is a taster of paradise, then this is where I wanna be, this is my new life."

In the guided meditation I'm trying to keep with it but floating into translucent light, in another direction completely:

Suddenly, out-of-body I observe the room yet I have a choice where I'm being 'pulled' (magnetically) toward.

Suspended in what looks like outer-space however there are strands of DNA inter-twined and going back into infinity, awesome beyond description, all of which is 'me'; going back thru' our common history, through different ages and civilisations, Atlantean, Lemurian and beyond. When I bring each nodule of the DNA matrix into focus, each is a life of mine (or, more precisely one I can 'own and identify' as mine). I can freely enter each to relive or re-experience, future or past. Each nodule is a life-portal (including this life) on a past future continuum. Whether or not I have a magnetic need to return to any particular life or life experience (karma) is governed by whether the nodule has a peace symbol on it, or not. If there's a symbol yes, it's 'sealed', it's resolved although I still have free choice to re-enter. If no symbol, then it's not sealed and there are matters to resolve, things to learn, and there is a strong magnetic pull.

I tested them some of them out, wondering if this is just something in my mind, whether they are symbolic, metaphor or representational of mindset, present psychological state, guilt/shadow complex, and the like. I don't believe that to be the case. The more I entered each one the more it became less observational and the more I became involved holographically (if that makes any sense). The deeper I entered in and became involved the less easy it was to be able to retract.

Whilst still trying to map 'my' lives, past and future throughout the Universe, I'm thinking what an amazing insight this is and how grateful I am, in a suspended place of calm, peace and rest within the cosmos, in all that 'IS'. Somehow, I feel nurtured and looked after.

Almost shockingly the Cosmos splits, almost like a night sky painted on a theatre backdrop and the canvas rips. A portal opens in a controlled way. The magnetic pull takes me through into a much more rarefied Universe. It felt as if the other Universe, although suspended in the vacuum of 'nothingness' was filled with quite a lot of gross matter. This is an even nicer 'place' to be.

Just as I'm tuning-in, whoosh, it splits again! This time, the portal opens differently, like a camera shutter, into yet another even more rarefied Universe. This time no 'stuff' which I could call "matter," not even gaseous matter, not even dark matter. Something very, very different. The magnetism transports me.

Here, I can only briefly describe something representational. It involves seven facets (or chambers) of a magnificent jewel of creation. Each facet has an overseeing opalescent light entity or Lord, supported by another member of 'Council' (??*~*?? ...... yo, this is NOT stuff I believe in or would conjure up .... get into my dreams and you'd find out why!!!). My involuntionary and evolutionary role in lives is especially relevant to one facet. I meet and exchange with the Master and Guide both in their opalescent light-forms. Rituals and ceremonies takes place. All the learnings and teachings are in the Language of Light. Deep feelings of knowing, remembering and purpose. Feelings of belonging, yearning for home. An almost overwhelming love envelops me wrapped in Eternal Bliss. Timelessness. Rapture.

There's a sudden impulse as I'm being pulled away. Suddenly I start to feel uncomfortable as two portals reopen, I'm almost sucked back in the other 'direction' and I start to hear loud human voices (which are talking softly and gently). Everything starts to feel gross and crude as I begin to realise I'm precipitated into a body again which is really, very very heavy. I re-enter consciousness in the meditation room of the retreat centre.

I've journeyed for ages and ages, it felt like I'd been away not for hours, but years (perhaps longer). In the room, people said our meditation was for 20 minutes. When I 'came to' I asked their experience of the meditation, it was totally, utterly different.

I was profoundly effected by what happened and my life has been irrevocably changed ever since. On the retreat, I remained in near silence for the next few days whilst trying to integrate my new understandings and their implications.


Drug induced? Certainly not.

Led by beliefs or expectation? Nope, it was completely spontaneous and 'little me' was wanting to remain very much with the group.

Tried to conjure something, to be a bit 'special'?

Books or other things I've been 'exposed' to which could play on the mind?
Like what? Most unlikely, particularly when I felt fully in control all of the time, that I always had choices, that I was loved utterly and completely no matter what.

Psychological disturbance?
How? This is bliss, the stuff religions and other traditions talk of throughout the ages and aspire to. So do I, I'd like more please ..... except, I can't dial-it-up on demand!

Are those Light Beings the same as the Ascended Masters?
I wish! I was hoping they would be!! That would be easier, then I could talk more in the parlance that people (and I) are familiar with. It's another, different frequency-band.

Sacred Initiation?
Yep, such is the nature of initiation, life changes irrevocably by the revealing, you can't 'unlearn' or go back.

Absolutely not. Loads of people are having similar experiences. Though not conclusive, evidence suggests it needs the preparation 'work' to be put in by the aspirant, and without expectation or attachment, or looking for outcome. In other words, put in the work for yourself not for any other reason.

Crop Circles :: Down to Earth

Close encounters of a Cereal Kind

I so admire the work of Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas, also Michael Glickman and so many other specialists who have made it almost their life work to study in this particular field (pun intended). I also appreciate they need to stick to their professionalism and remain as neutral as possible in the debates. I only have my own experiences to share and therefore am not concerned about ridicule or having to remain neutral. For people who still want the debate of "are they real" and "what evidence is there" .... please, check out BLT Research.

I've been a supporter of the Wiltshire group for ages largely because it's 'home-grown' and people are open and get on with it. Here's one of my letters published in Spiral, Issue 76 Aug. 2002. Incidentally, the image here is the formation I refer to (below) which actually occurred whilst we were chanting, in exactly in the three ring pattern of our vocalists with the precise number. Many people believe it to be a kind of cymatic or echo response.

"Dear Dereka, "I missed you at the conference, it was truly wonderful and inspirational. This note is a sharing of experiences in light of the article you wrote for the latest Spiral. "Interestingly, at the end of the conference I was talk with someone in the car park at Devizes School for several hours, well into the evening on Sunday - to the point where we were locked-in and had to call the caretaker to unlock the gates! During our discussion, I one point, I thought it was raining as I felt some very distinct tingling sensations all over my head also my heart, yet it was a clear night. When I left to drive away most of the electrics on my car failed (headlights, wipers etc.) which meant I had a difficult drive to Burbage where I was staying with friends. When I arrived the electrics worked fine and they have worked OK ever since. "The last time something like this happened to my car was when I was working as a therapist in a high-security prison, and the RAC said that the frequency of their surveillance equipment had 'interfered' with the electronics of my car. There are two points about this: one, I cannot believe that Devizes School has such sophisticated surveillance equipment; two, even if it did it would not give me tingling sensations. "This is NOT a wind-up. I 'know' there was a great charge of energy (in many senses) at the school during the conference - so much that at least one circle was laid in response. Although I'm not a UFO groupie and not looking for ET conscious contact , I genuinely believe something was happening TO me the other evening, not BY me. The reason for writing this is to share but also to ask if there is perhaps a way of recording people's 'electrical' or 'charged' experiences? "In Love, Light and Unity"

There was more to my encounter with 'the energetic entity' than I could fully describe in a short letter, suffice to say that I'm now fully aware when I'm in the presence i.e. I know what to sense and indeed what to look out for.

The summer of 2002 was an amazingly potent time. We witnessed the Sparsholt Face, the Ribbons at StoneHenge, the Nautilus Shell at Pewsey, the DNA at Crooked Soley, the Eye of Horus in a Pyramid with Sunburst at Highclere and so many more truly temporary temples. Being amongst all this even for a few days of divine bliss, the 'charge' is so revitalising and uplifting it's better than going on holiday for a month! The landscape is energetically different.

More seriously, if/when we work with them with meditative focused intent which is not voyeuristic, they do respond and interact. My personal experiences are that, typically the shape which answers my question appears the following season and usually in the region I anticipate. For people who want to research more on this, I can thoroughly recommend reading a short but very well detailed book by Karen Douglas, "Charley Knoll, an archetypal crop circle adventure."

The most wonderful thing about cereal crops is, typically people believe they need to eat them as food, which is why they continue to be replanted year by year. I believe, they are not very good food but as a fantastic medium for communication and the expression of landscape art, perhaps the best we currently have!

MerKaBa :: the journey home

"We are Cosmic Beings having a spiritual initiation as well as a human experience."

- light fields, Ka - individuated spirit, Ba - reality (in our case, a human body).

The MerKaBa is a counter-rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affects one's spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life. It's a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together.

Much more than maths, sacred geometry and activation techniques.

I've been asked numerous times if I would teach the MerKaBa meditation. Absolutely not, I'm not a trained facilitator and I strongly recommend going to someone who is. You will be honouring yourself and the technique if you take at least a week intensive to begin to learn the basics. Although great fun, it's also profound and it's of the life-changing kind! I'd also recommend 'prepare', don't just do it because you want a cool workshop to do for a few days.

Years ago, when I was doing my first Flower of Life, it was on about day 3 (could have been 4). I was dutifully following all my instructions from Drunvalo but also keen to push it and really get going. We were doing our MerKaBa developmental exercises and meditation I 'came back' into 3D and in my feedback I was really annoyed "some dude who had the body of a man and the head of a dog who was not going to let me through to a particular planet which I (somehow) knew I had to do." I'm confused, I thought the inner cosmos was all about nice things and unconditional love. "He's really powerful, and there's no way he was letting me through. We had quite a row. He won!"

I was told that was Anubis. "Who the hell's he? I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." Someone explained he is the gate-keeper and for me to tune-in to why he's not letting me through and work on that. I was a bit angry and frustrated because by this stage I thought I could go anywhere, anytime, just by the power of thought and I wasn't going to be controlled!

Next day, I was in a more blissful state and during developmental medative exercise I returned to the same place and somehow, a different state of absorption, a knowledge and understanding had taken place. The awesome character greeted me once more.

This time he not only let me pass but escorted me on a journey through to and into a very specific light pyramid (not of the Egyptian kind). This was the place where yesterday I knew instinctively I had to get to. My escort also personally guided me, literally, and 'taught' me specific light recoding and their sequences. (Please don't ask me to try to translate their meaning in words.) I've had many other experience which tell me "respect, and only do MerKaBa meditation in the proper manner by which it was taught."

On an advanced training, sometime later, we were doing a controlled experiment on bi-location, working in groups of three people. We were all laughing and having great time. Our group of three selected our bi-location destination as Glastonbury Tor, winter solstice 2012, 5th dimension. Our task .... "observe." We were all up-for-it, and perhaps with high energy we were not taking it so seriously. Nobody was allowed to speak or confer until feedback. Without exception, everyone returned back to 3D with an overwhelming sense of pathos, some in tears, not just our small group of 3, but the other groups too! What had happened? What had we witnessed?

The descriptions were so profound, so similar, and of such awesome proportion. The insights were immense and effects remain with me/us, suffice to say that anyone who does not believe they have a crucial part to play in this critical time of transition is either ignorant or in denial. It's too important NOT to take personal responsibility, each for ourselves.

Having said that, there's lots of joyous journeys we talk about and share, with MerKaBa meditation.

Once the pineal is reactivated all sorts of memories return. For example, a Dutch woman and I recalled our lives together as dolphins. Yes, that's right, dolphins, I had a problem with that one too! Now she's no 'fruitcake', she's a successful business woman at first was reluctant to share her version of our lives together, until she knew that my experience was the same. Our love for each other now in 3D is just as acquaintances, our dolphin love for each other was so immense it could swallow the whole universe!

But it's not all about two star-tetrahedrons and a spinning disc, there's much to say about the sacred toroidal shapes and their profound meaning, too much to go into here on this blog posting .....

And so the stories continue.

That's why I say only learn/use your MerKaBa IF you want to experience life in a completely different way. There's no going back, it's awakened the core of your being.

"See you inner-space!"

Living Hologram :: darkfield microscopy

Micro Cosmos

If anyone ever had doubts the concept of a holographic universe I strong suggest they have just one single drop of their blood analysed via live blood analysis, darkfield and brightfield microscopy.

Each cell carries the map, the blueprint of your state of being or every organ and tissue, every part of your body, the memory of physical injury and it's physical location, levels of toxicity and location, everything going on in the physical body (probably more) is encoded in each cell. All you need is to provide one drop to someone to understand and properly interpret. The trillions of particles in your body all carrying the same blueprint, the same messages. It's phenomenal and magnificent, it's true beauty.

Q: How come we don't know more about it and why it's it used more commonly?
A: Because once we can see the overall picture of every thing in the body we can then treat it appropriately with things other than pharmaceuticals. Chemical drugs appear, under the darkfield, as toxic foreign substance and that gives the game away to the entire pharmaceutical industry!

"In the future, the state of the health of the individual will be determinable on the basis of the evaluation of one drop of blood" Edgar Cayce.

Darkfield Microscopy was developed in Germany by in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Gunther Enderlein. Under the darkfield microscope during research it was noticed that human beings were full of natural parasites and, living with their host are harmless in the early stages.

In darkfield the blood is stained with light frequencies, which allow the blood to remain alive and active, giving many otherwise unobtainable clues as to the relative health of the blood, thereby the whole organism/person.

It is also an important preventative examination. Research shows how bacteria, viruses and fungi actually change to pathogenic agents of diseases depending upon the inner terrain which is determined by acid-alkaline (or ‘base’) balance, protein content and level of trace elements. This metamorphosis of microforms is called ‘pleomorphism’. The existence of pre-stages which are not yet able to make one ill but can endanger an illness, is also found in the darkfield examination.


Thirty years prior to the rise of monomorphism - i.e. the idea of ‘catching a bug’, single bug, single illness theory promoted by Louis Pasteur upon which the pharmaceutical industry is STILL based, as well as Doctors medical training, as well as popular belief - Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) brought his attention to tiny “molecular granulations” found in body cells, which other observers had noticed before him, though no one had identified their status or function. In 1866 Bechamp made the profound revelation public, that the granules were living elements which he named microzymas, meaning “small ferments.” He and his co-worker Professor Estor then developed and refined the Theory of Microzymas. The essence is that the microzyma, an independently living element, exists within all living things and is both the builder and recycler of organisms. It inhabits cells, the fluid between cells, the blood and the lymph.

Microzymas are capable of multiplying and reflect either health or disease. In a state of health, they act harmoniously and fermentation occurs normally (beneficially), but in disease conditions they become disturbed and change their form and function. They evolve into microscopic forms that reflect the disease and produce the symptoms, becoming what Bechamp called “morbidly evolved” microzymas. From his observations and exploration he expressed the concept of “pleomorphism.” These transformations build up cells and eventually the whole organism in which they exist. Their function is twofold, and they are poised to recycle the physical body upon death (‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’).

Louis Pasteur, his contemporary and rival, denied that bacteria could change their form and wished to establish that we must be invaded and therefore be protected by profitable vaccination and, consequently made a lot of money! Bechamp, on the other hand, never denying that the air carried germs, maintained that airborne forms were not necessary for disease. He showed that an independently living element, which could morbidly evolve, already exists in every cell of the body, and evidenced that it is all that is needed for the appearance of symptogenic organisms. It is however, empowering to know that we also have the innate ability to reverse this process become, and to stay healthy.

But, the historical/scientific ‘assassination’ of Antoine Bechamp resulted in medical science drawing conclusions from a half-truth. This has meant untold misery for humankind. Apparently, Pasteur on his deathbed admitted “the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Guys we’ve been duped for over a century!!

Nature Cure :: remedial fasting

A Royal Road to Healing

Health is not the absence of disease

Health nor illness are random events

Therapeutic fasting is not taught in medical schools which deal exclusively with symptoms. Yet, extended therapeutic fasting reverses and addresses the causes of illness and disease. Allopathic doctors, therefore, are completely unqualified to supervise fasts, or even to express a valid opinion one way or the other. Most don’t realise that the founders of western medicine, Hippocrates, Galen, and Paracelsus having fasted also prescribed it as “the greatest remedy, the physician within.”

For my personal experience, I took lead to do an extended Remedial Fast from the famed research and style of treatment according to Dr. Otto Buchinger, Founder reknown European Buchinger Kliniks. I'd been diagnosed with malaria and a few other 'big nasties' and, I was also playing host to colonies of various parasites, worms, and other detectpathenogensens.

Following a couple of weeks dietary preparation, eliminating most of the auto-toxaemia (whhygienistssts refer to as the single cause of all illness) including - coffee, tea, alcohol etc., and creating a retreat-like setting, I commenced taking just water into my system to allow ketosis to activate. Lots of rest and relaxation, meditation, very gentle exercise such as slow, easy walks. Lots of nurture, particularly for the first 1-2 weeks of detox and purging.

Healing symptoms were both dramatic and profound.

After my 42 days of only water, I started transitioning, firstly onto some very dilute juice – a magical sensation - then slowly building in some soft foods preparing the system for stronger, heavier foods. My desired results were astonishing.

Often referred to as surgery without a knife, Otto Buchinger explains:
“During the five thousand odd years of humankind’s history which today we can survey, fasting represented, in all ages and climes, a way of healing and sanctification of far-reaching importance. The religious fast, which we find in all the higher religions of humankind, served at the same time to preserve the health of the body, the temple of the immortal soul. But, greatly to the loss of sick humanity, the healing fast was overlooked by medicine during the many decades of scientific-materialistic thought. Newly discovered at the turn of the 20th century, it has today regained a worthy position as a royal road of healing . . . We must restore fasting to the place if once occupied in an ancient hierarchy of values ‘above medicine’. We must rediscover it and restore it to honour, because it is a necessity."

The greatest personal discovery is the experience of our bodyÂ’s innate ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, regenerate, and truly heal itself on all levels. The greatest benefit is awakening to our true nature.

Records tell us this is what Siddhartha Gautama did to attain Buddhahood, and later what Christ did before beginning his ministry, and countless other reknown thinkers and spiritual teachers, people including Thich Nhat Hahn, Vietnamese Zen Master (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Ghandi and many more.

Therapeutic fasting is an age-old self improvement technique which gives you life for your life, literally. Both curative and preventative, it is also known as “the fountain of youth” as it slowaging the ageing process and appears to reset the body-clock. When you’ve learned this unequalled skill of dealing effectively with and overcoming everything which can arise in your bodily system, on all levels, you have mastered a tool to use for the rest of for fantastic life in joy, peace and happiness.

Juice Fasting

When I've not felt as radical yet still felt I need to cleanse my system, I've used juice fasting. I like to do a 21 days basically following a similar regimen to the wonderful Frank and Anne Karine at Moinhos Velhos, perhaps the best retreat of its type in Europe.

Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director of Fasting Centre International gives an 8 point explanation on the benefits of fasting:

"1. Just as many animals migrating or hibernating do live for many months each year without eating, your precious body is brilliantly designed to live on its own stored substances. Your body will autolyze (self-digest) its most inferior and impure materials and metabolic wastes including fat deposits, damaged tissues, growths and morbid accumulations.

"2. New cell growth is stimulated and speeded up as the required proteins are logically resynthesized from decomposed cells. Your blood protein level remains constant as your body very wisely uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed.

"3. Modern diets are heavily laden with artificial chemicals and toxins of many types which are indigestible and overburden our delicate system. As toxic overload accumulates each decade and, the our bodyÂ’s elimination becomes impaired. In the fast there is a greatly enhanced cleansing capacity of all the eliminative organs.

"4. You afford a physiological rest, perhaps for the first time in your life. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, alkalising broth designed to biochemically rebalance and maintain electrolyte balance in the brain, plus specific detox teas all requiring little digestion being quickly assimilated from the upper digestive tract.

"5. There is a heightened clarity of consciousness experienced as the rejuvenating, regenerating, normalising and stabilising effect is on all the most vital physiological, nervous and mental functions. There are thousands of cases of mental health ranging from depression through schizophrenia successfully treated this way. Mental clarity and peace of mind becomes normal.

"6. Signs of premature aging, loss of interest in sex, and a bulging waistline are all obvious signs of insufficiently functioning endocrine system. These are usually reversed during all the revitalising effects of therapeutic fasting.

"7. Natural hygiene enhances longevity. There is much evidence of tests showing that underfeeding an animal or periodically fasting, significantly prolongs its life . . . . it can double their natural life span.

"8. Therapeutic and preventative fasts have always addressed all aspects of mind-body-spirit medicine. Doctor Buchinger, who supervised over 100,000 juice-fasting cures."

Whatever method of fasting and cleansing you/we/I use, it's important to recognise that these methods and techniques are throughout all faith systems and religious practices across the planet. It's something deep within our nature we need to reconnect with if we are to return to whole body consciousness.

Vipassana :: as they really are

Insight Meditation

The technique rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and has been taught by him as a universal remedy for universal ills.

"Vipassana is an invitation to watch yourself ~ your mind, your emotions, your body, your environment ~ without reacting to what you observe. It is an invitation to get to know yourself honestly and sincerely, to make friends with yourself, and to realize that the witnessing self is not identified with what is being seen. Success and failure are not part of this, and nothing special is supposed to happen. There is nothing to expect."

I love doing Vipassana retreats.

At first, the thought of 10 days of Noble Silence, 'observation' with about 16/18 hours of meditation each day, was a bit daunting. That's the basic just to learn and absorb the initial technique. However, once familiar with method and body process, it's healing effects can be remarkable. And heh, what's 10 days when he sat under a tree for 40 days?

I'm not a very good student though because I don't adhere to all the rules at Dhamma Dipa. One of the key principles is not to mix Vipassana with other treatments or therapies (fine), and not to fast whilst on retreat. The 'problem' I have is that I spontaneously don't eat, I just continue to meditate and observe. At a deep level, I understand that food we eat is a secondary source of nourishment and nutrition, our primary source being prana. Therefore to me, eating is a a distraction from observation, of 'seeing things as they really are'. Also, certainly when doing internal scanning it's far easier having digestion, the seemingly perpetual process the metabolising of food at rest. I find when the body is in ketosis, it's easier.

When I'm on Vipassana and everyone is eating I'm usually meditating in the field and sometimes Sungazing. I see going to the loo, defecation and eating lots of food as a distraction from purpose and I simply cannot do it. For me, the only distraction I make a personal 'allowance' for in the 10 days is to take a daily shower, and that's so that I don't smell to other people and therefore cause distraction!

The only other distraction is the sound of the gong for each session, and the nature environment, the wildlife all around and the rotation of the planet.

Interestingly, at the completion of a retreat I am not eager to start eating again nor run around or talk again. I prefer to hang-on to the still. It often takes a good few days to re-aclimitise.

S.N Goenke has taught tens of thousands of people in more than 300 courses in India and in other countries. He is an amazing man and his life's work is phenomenal. We saw him whilst en-route to the States for a peace conference. He is adamant that what he teaches represents a tradition traced back to Buddha. "The Buddha never taught a sectarian religion; he taught Dhamma - the way to liberation - which is universal."

Goenke has produced astonishing results teaching Vipassana in prisons. The results are statistically recorded and evidenced. Consequently, when I was working in high-security prison in this country I tried to get Vipassana trialed here. Sadly, it's a bit too far out for our 'powers that be' who evidently are prepared to stick with angry, disruptive behaviour and recidivism in preference to peace, calmness and reparation.

Naturally everyone experiences things differently (and yet they're all part of the same), however I do recommend Dhamma Dipa at least once. Thesedays, I see they have a fabulous new meditation hall. Luxury!!

As Goenke says "May all beings be happy"

Project Vision :: about

Prison or paradise?
It's an inside job!

The Light Project is about the resolution of duality, accessing the truth beyond words, the nature of cosmic being. The Light Project focuses on methods of awakening, the return to whole body consciousness. The quest therefore, for all of us, is essentially experiential.

Light Project is not a play on words unless you want to play on words. It's a reminder of why were here. By light, we are not referring to polarity consciousness in the sense of light and dark, matter and anti-matter, we simply mean the working with and understanding more about the life-giving, life-sustaining, life-force energy .... AND it's coding.

The peace that passeth all understanding ....

Imagine a place where the sun sets on struggle, strife and suffering; where coping and managing to get by, the personal irritations cease and where aches and pains dissipate.

Imagine a place where there is no turmoil of right and wrong to resolve, a place of release, of stillness, of bliss.

How would it be for a new dawn to break on purpose and life becomes pure inspiration?

A place where life is an endless flowing stream of synchronous events, where phenomenal experience is the norm.

Here, there is miracle and awe in the fabric of life, everyday a holiday (i.e. a ‘holy day) and the whole planet a sacred place to be.

Scarcity is no longer an issue.

Can you envisage a time of self-mastery, of empowerment when this is your constant reality?

The Light Project IS personal research and study into our authentic nature.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Peace Centres :: origins of the concept

New Ways of Living and Being
Health and Harmony

I've been asked to explain a little about the origins of The Light Project centres for peace. So, here we go!

It's probably relevant to mention that, in Egyptian astrology I'm born under the sign of Thoth. It's certainly relevant to say that if I were to align myself with any spiritual system of practice, I resonate with the Melchizedekian tradition, the practice feels 'right'.

Some years ago whilst doing some fairly intensive meditational work using my MerKaBa I had an interesting experience journeying into what I will call here 'spacetime dimensional shifts'. Some of the work was quite specific in connecting 'something' into the Christ Consciousness Grid and linking also to a time we can recognise as Spring Equinox 2013.

When this type of work is occurring it is all done in the language of Light Codes which I always find difficult to translate. Words never manage to really precipitate the full meaning or true message. However, when we're actually doing the work it is not some kind of wafty dream state which flows in and out of sequences, nor is it drug-induced. The work is very grounded and practical. The guiding beings are focused, gentle and directive. It doesn't feel mind-expanding, it feels there's a job to do and is matter-of-fact as going to Tesco to do the shopping or fixing the car. It's only afterwards when back into 3D that I think "what was THAT all about!?!"

This time, I'd been on a retreat at the coast for about 28 days of solitude and complete silence, fasting and total cleansing, meditation and yoga, coastal breeze and ozone, prana and breath work. Then, entering the space of Eternal Bliss, I felt liberated from the threefold sufferings (mental illness, physical illness and spiritual ignorance), the concept of The Light Project centres came in one instant. I then spent the next few days and weeks trying to capture the concept on paper (as a series of visuals) and the next few months, indeed years decoding, attempting to share, elaborate and communicate with other people.

At first I thought .... "wow, a special transition project and my job in the hear-and-now is simply to co-create a special centre for study and for people to live in the new paradigm, meditating away downloading the 'bliss codes' and manifesting heaven on earth. As all these 'inner-directive' people are now actively living in the Christ Consciousness and answering only to the Divine Within, no guru is required. Great I thought, that's me off the hook! The last thing I want to do is starting writing more books and doing the seminar and workshop rounds of the New Age circuit."

I've previously been a Project Manager/Director in eco building work and conservation. I've worked in promotions and media. I've also co-Founded trusts and similar, therefore my function will be 'nuts and bolts' helping to put the thing together whilst spending the rest of my time in medative bliss! Cool!!

Let's start by deciphering some of the complexities. We don't want to alienate people and create barriers. Let's translate and interpret in easy to understand words and concepts. Afterall, if it's about a return to profound simplicity, living 'with' the harmonics and rhythms of nature, and the resolution of duality .... then heh, we're all programmed for that anyway. All we have to do is retune and enter into 'process'.

OK, a kind of eco village but with a significant difference. The most important things at the first centre is the central geodesic structure as a meditation hall and activation device, an 'Observatory' (of inner-space), The Celestial Eye. More about the detailing, 'the ring of serenity' and the central focus later. It's equally important to build where there is potent energy, ideally over a good aquifer. Other structures for accommodation, support facilities, education and learning in the L.A.B., then radiating in a spiral representing sacred geometry within the landscape. Permaculture and self-sufficient power systems integrated too. (One of the symbols on all early documents was the harmonic of groundplan layout i.e. the overtone of the spiral in cross-section.)

So let's call the first centre Peace Park. Should be easy to understand, doesn't sound cultist and everyone can get their heads around the concept of peace, peaceful living and the harmonics of nature.

Let's call the study and education aspect Biofield Research. It's about studying our quantum biology, our societal energies, our planetary fields, the harmonics of the Cosmic Biofield.

If this model is kept simple whilst precise in it's maths and science, working with the geometric harmonics, it should be able replicatable so that other people can be also be created at strategic points over the planet so that it (we) can start to radiate different frequencies to the cosmos (or more precisely, our stellar system). Initially one on each landmass, then building up probably to the appropriate number. As they come online they could each be part of a network and run individually or collectively for a WorldInPeace.

That was years ago. The concept of Light Project has always been about the return to natural order. The concept of creating centres is about providing opportunities for an awakening to full body consciousness. The importance of 'now' is simply about the time of transition. In fact, all healing is done in the present moment, the 'now', that's why we're here.

My understanding is since modified:

The 'me' which is not individual but an integral part of whole-consciousness, knowingly tapped into a series of events which in someways are inevitable and on some level are already happening.

'Little me', the individuated "spark," thought it would be a great idea to create a Peace Park at the epicentre of the crop circle phenomenon where the acquires are magnificent and potent.

A countryside 250 acre redundant farm became available and was offered and became manifest as a potential location in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in visible distance to the infamous Milk Hill and the White Horse of Alton Barnes. I assumed those already tuned-in to transition messages would synchronistically respond and we would make a new UK Peace Park manifest by co-creation. That did not happen and the farm was sold to a developer in late 2005.

On another part of the planet, meantime, the amazing Jose Arguelles and his colleagues are now preparing something of similar design and proportion, with similar intentions. The first centre is to be in South America. Fantastic! The Mayan Factor!! At last, there's sign of it happening 'somewhere'. Such a blessing, I'm able to 'let go'!

I met Jose at a conference in Rome, tho' it's not my area of research I truly admire his work. Now, it appears CREST Planetary Engineering Project is in place and Daniel Lipschits is taking on a lot of the responsibility.