Friday, March 31, 2006

Cosmic Law Wheel :: falun dafa

Cultivation & Practice.

In some respects falun dafa, falun gong is a fusion using buddhist and taoist principles. Fa Universal law, lun wheel and da great. Definitions, terminology and the meaning of the revolving swastika symbol are explained here.

There are just five exercises to learn. The whole system is yours for the taking, and it's all for free. Amazing! At their media centre you can create your own resource library on MP3, VCD and other ways. Download videos or audios:
  • all the 5 exercises in sequence;
  • music tracks for practice;
  • 9 lectures /talks from Li Hongzhi, the founder;
  • there's even ready made labels for CD sets etc.
Each lecture is about 1.5 hrs. Before you think "wow, that's too much to listen to" consider how much time you 'give' listening to news, soaps and similar. Also, these are not workshops/ seminars you have to pay for or go somewhere to learn!

Whether you agree with everything Li says, some of it or non of it, this IS amazing work and the technques ARE doing a lot of good for a lot of people, particularly in China. It's powerful stuff to the extent that practitioners are tortured and murdered .... just for doing a form of qi gong practice? Crazy!!

One of the points Li makes repeatedly is that, this may not be the right technique for all people, but whatever you(we) do, whatever our chosen method is, we need to make a commitment to the cultivation and practice. Those who think enlightenment or ascendence comes just by thinking it or just by waiting for global change, are deluding themselves. Work and application is required.

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