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Close encounters of a Cereal Kind

I so admire the work of Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas, also Michael Glickman and so many other specialists who have made it almost their life work to study in this particular field (pun intended). I also appreciate they need to stick to their professionalism and remain as neutral as possible in the debates. I only have my own experiences to share and therefore am not concerned about ridicule or having to remain neutral. For people who still want the debate of "are they real" and "what evidence is there" .... please, check out BLT Research.

I've been a supporter of the Wiltshire group for ages largely because it's 'home-grown' and people are open and get on with it. Here's one of my letters published in Spiral, Issue 76 Aug. 2002. Incidentally, the image here is the formation I refer to (below) which actually occurred whilst we were chanting, in exactly in the three ring pattern of our vocalists with the precise number. Many people believe it to be a kind of cymatic or echo response.

"Dear Dereka, "I missed you at the conference, it was truly wonderful and inspirational. This note is a sharing of experiences in light of the article you wrote for the latest Spiral. "Interestingly, at the end of the conference I was talk with someone in the car park at Devizes School for several hours, well into the evening on Sunday - to the point where we were locked-in and had to call the caretaker to unlock the gates! During our discussion, I one point, I thought it was raining as I felt some very distinct tingling sensations all over my head also my heart, yet it was a clear night. When I left to drive away most of the electrics on my car failed (headlights, wipers etc.) which meant I had a difficult drive to Burbage where I was staying with friends. When I arrived the electrics worked fine and they have worked OK ever since. "The last time something like this happened to my car was when I was working as a therapist in a high-security prison, and the RAC said that the frequency of their surveillance equipment had 'interfered' with the electronics of my car. There are two points about this: one, I cannot believe that Devizes School has such sophisticated surveillance equipment; two, even if it did it would not give me tingling sensations. "This is NOT a wind-up. I 'know' there was a great charge of energy (in many senses) at the school during the conference - so much that at least one circle was laid in response. Although I'm not a UFO groupie and not looking for ET conscious contact , I genuinely believe something was happening TO me the other evening, not BY me. The reason for writing this is to share but also to ask if there is perhaps a way of recording people's 'electrical' or 'charged' experiences? "In Love, Light and Unity"

There was more to my encounter with 'the energetic entity' than I could fully describe in a short letter, suffice to say that I'm now fully aware when I'm in the presence i.e. I know what to sense and indeed what to look out for.

The summer of 2002 was an amazingly potent time. We witnessed the Sparsholt Face, the Ribbons at StoneHenge, the Nautilus Shell at Pewsey, the DNA at Crooked Soley, the Eye of Horus in a Pyramid with Sunburst at Highclere and so many more truly temporary temples. Being amongst all this even for a few days of divine bliss, the 'charge' is so revitalising and uplifting it's better than going on holiday for a month! The landscape is energetically different.

More seriously, if/when we work with them with meditative focused intent which is not voyeuristic, they do respond and interact. My personal experiences are that, typically the shape which answers my question appears the following season and usually in the region I anticipate. For people who want to research more on this, I can thoroughly recommend reading a short but very well detailed book by Karen Douglas, "Charley Knoll, an archetypal crop circle adventure."

The most wonderful thing about cereal crops is, typically people believe they need to eat them as food, which is why they continue to be replanted year by year. I believe, they are not very good food but as a fantastic medium for communication and the expression of landscape art, perhaps the best we currently have!

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