Friday, March 31, 2006

Dualities :: "on the one hand ...."

"... and, on the other hand"

Duality is just a way of differentiating some 'thing', some measure of contrast. It's not absolute. It's not a 'given'.

Yin yang is not duality for there's far more to it than two aspects. It's dynamic, each element chasing the other, each contrained within the other, and all contained within something else!

North south depends if it's the compass one is referring to or the electromagnetic force. If it's a compass there's also west and east to think about as well as all the other points. If it's the electromagnetic, quantum cosmology provides examples of the monopole and other 'magnetic attractions' which are not dependent on duplicity.

Light dark what? Our eyes receive a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum, in shades and tones, and in varying degrees of brightness (or darkness) sometimes too bright to look at and view directly. Similarly, is 'seeing pitchblack' absolute darkness and, if so who decides?

Is sexuality about male female gender orientation or is it procreation? Is sperm, egg, zygote the same debate? Equal rights the same debate? Consumation and abstinance, monogamy, polygamy and celebacy are discussions of tradition, culture, different beliefs and teachings. There's plenty of evidence to show that ALL humans are a blend of masculine and feminine attributes influenced by hormone balance, genetically, socialogically and by other means. Some cultures accept up to 16 identified different sexual orientational practices as morale, just and acceptable.

Health is not the absence of disease. This has been mentioned in other posts and there's masses yet for humanity to unfold and awaken to.

Peace war
are not two sides of the same coin either. The opposite of war is anti-war and is generated by FEAR (False Evidence Appearing as Real). The drama requires three components to potentise itself (not two, but three). The drama needs a 'victim', a 'perpetrator' and 'rescuer' in order to make it spin. War IS it's own enemy! Authentic peace has no opposite.

Life death are not opposites. Good evil are not opposites. If you have a problem working this out, then please discuss it with me. Hate is not the opposite of love. Love has no opposite.

One of the fundementals we learn in Kriya Yoga is achieving equanimity - the observation of equal mindedness of self - in the four key dualities (or opposites). Each are flip sides of the same record:
  1. Pleasure & Pain
  2. Fame & Disgrace
  3. Loss & Gain
  4. Heat & Cold
Being able to simply observe equanimity - without REaction - aligns our subtle energies of the Human Biofield firstly to the seven centres which are largely orientated with the physiological system, secondly to prepare us to harmonise more the next six centres for harmonisation oriented toward Unity Consciousness, thirteen in all.

Think about it. How can the grosser or lower levels of vibration give way to the finer-tuned, subtle frequencies radiate through with so much 'push-pull' activity, action and REaction going on at the more physical level, all the 'rights and wrongs' to decide upon, foods and drink which stimulate or suppress brain activity and energy levels, the myriad of other influences for us to ricochet in so many directions each of which are all justifiable (according to where we are 'at' or what we consider to be 'right' at that time)? When Tibetan monks sit in meditation and melt snow, this technique is, in some ways, aligned to gaining equanimity.

The homosapien population 6,604,592,500 individual entities (at the time of writing) all trying to survive, each in their own way, how many are consciously aspiring to Unity Consciousness to resolve their perception of duality?

If you're reading this, then you probably in a privilaged position - through whatever circumstance brought you here - to do something about it, should you choose!

Something to ponder.

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