Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Light Project Reloaded

Thanks for stopping by. This blogspot is really to respond to questions and enquiries from the websites and other directions. We realised the sites were not constructed in ways which benefit people most, pages were 'fixed'. Therefore, we've redirected Peace Parks, Biofield Research, World In Peace and Light Project domains to this blog temporarily.

My apologies for initially uploading loads in one go. To a large extent it's stuff which was buried elsewhere in the other sites and we want to keep information available and accessible. Do let us know if there are any deadlinks or other loading difficulties (and typos).

We will be rebuilding the websites to meet the needs of people, if indeed there is a need?!

Do be mindful that The Light Project is not a physical place. A Peace Park or centre is a place in nature for peaceful things, which is not the same thing. However, they are not exclusive to one another. The Light Project is not information, words read in books or on this blog, nor dialogue, debate and rational thought process. However, they can be useful stepping stones and help provide a bridge, with the right intention.

"The most important things that each man must learn no one else can teach him. Once he accepts this disappointment, he will be able to stop depending on the therapist, the guru who turns out to be just another struggling human being. No meaning that comes from outside of ourselves is real. The Buddahood of each of us has already been obtained. We need only recognize it. This the Zen Master warns his disciple, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!" by Sheldon B Kopp

Forget the internet, it's a crutch, just a tool. Remember, The Light Project is essentially experiential.

See you on the inner-net!

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