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Living Hologram :: darkfield microscopy

Micro Cosmos

If anyone ever had doubts the concept of a holographic universe I strong suggest they have just one single drop of their blood analysed via live blood analysis, darkfield and brightfield microscopy.

Each cell carries the map, the blueprint of your state of being or every organ and tissue, every part of your body, the memory of physical injury and it's physical location, levels of toxicity and location, everything going on in the physical body (probably more) is encoded in each cell. All you need is to provide one drop to someone to understand and properly interpret. The trillions of particles in your body all carrying the same blueprint, the same messages. It's phenomenal and magnificent, it's true beauty.

Q: How come we don't know more about it and why it's it used more commonly?
A: Because once we can see the overall picture of every thing in the body we can then treat it appropriately with things other than pharmaceuticals. Chemical drugs appear, under the darkfield, as toxic foreign substance and that gives the game away to the entire pharmaceutical industry!

"In the future, the state of the health of the individual will be determinable on the basis of the evaluation of one drop of blood" Edgar Cayce.

Darkfield Microscopy was developed in Germany by in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Gunther Enderlein. Under the darkfield microscope during research it was noticed that human beings were full of natural parasites and, living with their host are harmless in the early stages.

In darkfield the blood is stained with light frequencies, which allow the blood to remain alive and active, giving many otherwise unobtainable clues as to the relative health of the blood, thereby the whole organism/person.

It is also an important preventative examination. Research shows how bacteria, viruses and fungi actually change to pathogenic agents of diseases depending upon the inner terrain which is determined by acid-alkaline (or ‘base’) balance, protein content and level of trace elements. This metamorphosis of microforms is called ‘pleomorphism’. The existence of pre-stages which are not yet able to make one ill but can endanger an illness, is also found in the darkfield examination.


Thirty years prior to the rise of monomorphism - i.e. the idea of ‘catching a bug’, single bug, single illness theory promoted by Louis Pasteur upon which the pharmaceutical industry is STILL based, as well as Doctors medical training, as well as popular belief - Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) brought his attention to tiny “molecular granulations” found in body cells, which other observers had noticed before him, though no one had identified their status or function. In 1866 Bechamp made the profound revelation public, that the granules were living elements which he named microzymas, meaning “small ferments.” He and his co-worker Professor Estor then developed and refined the Theory of Microzymas. The essence is that the microzyma, an independently living element, exists within all living things and is both the builder and recycler of organisms. It inhabits cells, the fluid between cells, the blood and the lymph.

Microzymas are capable of multiplying and reflect either health or disease. In a state of health, they act harmoniously and fermentation occurs normally (beneficially), but in disease conditions they become disturbed and change their form and function. They evolve into microscopic forms that reflect the disease and produce the symptoms, becoming what Bechamp called “morbidly evolved” microzymas. From his observations and exploration he expressed the concept of “pleomorphism.” These transformations build up cells and eventually the whole organism in which they exist. Their function is twofold, and they are poised to recycle the physical body upon death (‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’).

Louis Pasteur, his contemporary and rival, denied that bacteria could change their form and wished to establish that we must be invaded and therefore be protected by profitable vaccination and, consequently made a lot of money! Bechamp, on the other hand, never denying that the air carried germs, maintained that airborne forms were not necessary for disease. He showed that an independently living element, which could morbidly evolve, already exists in every cell of the body, and evidenced that it is all that is needed for the appearance of symptogenic organisms. It is however, empowering to know that we also have the innate ability to reverse this process become, and to stay healthy.

But, the historical/scientific ‘assassination’ of Antoine Bechamp resulted in medical science drawing conclusions from a half-truth. This has meant untold misery for humankind. Apparently, Pasteur on his deathbed admitted “the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Guys we’ve been duped for over a century!!

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