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Nature Cure :: remedial fasting

A Royal Road to Healing

Health is not the absence of disease

Health nor illness are random events

Therapeutic fasting is not taught in medical schools which deal exclusively with symptoms. Yet, extended therapeutic fasting reverses and addresses the causes of illness and disease. Allopathic doctors, therefore, are completely unqualified to supervise fasts, or even to express a valid opinion one way or the other. Most don’t realise that the founders of western medicine, Hippocrates, Galen, and Paracelsus having fasted also prescribed it as “the greatest remedy, the physician within.”

For my personal experience, I took lead to do an extended Remedial Fast from the famed research and style of treatment according to Dr. Otto Buchinger, Founder reknown European Buchinger Kliniks. I'd been diagnosed with malaria and a few other 'big nasties' and, I was also playing host to colonies of various parasites, worms, and other detectpathenogensens.

Following a couple of weeks dietary preparation, eliminating most of the auto-toxaemia (whhygienistssts refer to as the single cause of all illness) including - coffee, tea, alcohol etc., and creating a retreat-like setting, I commenced taking just water into my system to allow ketosis to activate. Lots of rest and relaxation, meditation, very gentle exercise such as slow, easy walks. Lots of nurture, particularly for the first 1-2 weeks of detox and purging.

Healing symptoms were both dramatic and profound.

After my 42 days of only water, I started transitioning, firstly onto some very dilute juice – a magical sensation - then slowly building in some soft foods preparing the system for stronger, heavier foods. My desired results were astonishing.

Often referred to as surgery without a knife, Otto Buchinger explains:
“During the five thousand odd years of humankind’s history which today we can survey, fasting represented, in all ages and climes, a way of healing and sanctification of far-reaching importance. The religious fast, which we find in all the higher religions of humankind, served at the same time to preserve the health of the body, the temple of the immortal soul. But, greatly to the loss of sick humanity, the healing fast was overlooked by medicine during the many decades of scientific-materialistic thought. Newly discovered at the turn of the 20th century, it has today regained a worthy position as a royal road of healing . . . We must restore fasting to the place if once occupied in an ancient hierarchy of values ‘above medicine’. We must rediscover it and restore it to honour, because it is a necessity."

The greatest personal discovery is the experience of our bodyÂ’s innate ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, regenerate, and truly heal itself on all levels. The greatest benefit is awakening to our true nature.

Records tell us this is what Siddhartha Gautama did to attain Buddhahood, and later what Christ did before beginning his ministry, and countless other reknown thinkers and spiritual teachers, people including Thich Nhat Hahn, Vietnamese Zen Master (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Ghandi and many more.

Therapeutic fasting is an age-old self improvement technique which gives you life for your life, literally. Both curative and preventative, it is also known as “the fountain of youth” as it slowaging the ageing process and appears to reset the body-clock. When you’ve learned this unequalled skill of dealing effectively with and overcoming everything which can arise in your bodily system, on all levels, you have mastered a tool to use for the rest of for fantastic life in joy, peace and happiness.

Juice Fasting

When I've not felt as radical yet still felt I need to cleanse my system, I've used juice fasting. I like to do a 21 days basically following a similar regimen to the wonderful Frank and Anne Karine at Moinhos Velhos, perhaps the best retreat of its type in Europe.

Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director of Fasting Centre International gives an 8 point explanation on the benefits of fasting:

"1. Just as many animals migrating or hibernating do live for many months each year without eating, your precious body is brilliantly designed to live on its own stored substances. Your body will autolyze (self-digest) its most inferior and impure materials and metabolic wastes including fat deposits, damaged tissues, growths and morbid accumulations.

"2. New cell growth is stimulated and speeded up as the required proteins are logically resynthesized from decomposed cells. Your blood protein level remains constant as your body very wisely uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed.

"3. Modern diets are heavily laden with artificial chemicals and toxins of many types which are indigestible and overburden our delicate system. As toxic overload accumulates each decade and, the our bodyÂ’s elimination becomes impaired. In the fast there is a greatly enhanced cleansing capacity of all the eliminative organs.

"4. You afford a physiological rest, perhaps for the first time in your life. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, alkalising broth designed to biochemically rebalance and maintain electrolyte balance in the brain, plus specific detox teas all requiring little digestion being quickly assimilated from the upper digestive tract.

"5. There is a heightened clarity of consciousness experienced as the rejuvenating, regenerating, normalising and stabilising effect is on all the most vital physiological, nervous and mental functions. There are thousands of cases of mental health ranging from depression through schizophrenia successfully treated this way. Mental clarity and peace of mind becomes normal.

"6. Signs of premature aging, loss of interest in sex, and a bulging waistline are all obvious signs of insufficiently functioning endocrine system. These are usually reversed during all the revitalising effects of therapeutic fasting.

"7. Natural hygiene enhances longevity. There is much evidence of tests showing that underfeeding an animal or periodically fasting, significantly prolongs its life . . . . it can double their natural life span.

"8. Therapeutic and preventative fasts have always addressed all aspects of mind-body-spirit medicine. Doctor Buchinger, who supervised over 100,000 juice-fasting cures."

Whatever method of fasting and cleansing you/we/I use, it's important to recognise that these methods and techniques are throughout all faith systems and religious practices across the planet. It's something deep within our nature we need to reconnect with if we are to return to whole body consciousness.

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