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Peace Centres :: origins of the concept

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I've been asked to explain a little about the origins of The Light Project centres for peace. So, here we go!

It's probably relevant to mention that, in Egyptian astrology I'm born under the sign of Thoth. It's certainly relevant to say that if I were to align myself with any spiritual system of practice, I resonate with the Melchizedekian tradition, the practice feels 'right'.

Some years ago whilst doing some fairly intensive meditational work using my MerKaBa I had an interesting experience journeying into what I will call here 'spacetime dimensional shifts'. Some of the work was quite specific in connecting 'something' into the Christ Consciousness Grid and linking also to a time we can recognise as Spring Equinox 2013.

When this type of work is occurring it is all done in the language of Light Codes which I always find difficult to translate. Words never manage to really precipitate the full meaning or true message. However, when we're actually doing the work it is not some kind of wafty dream state which flows in and out of sequences, nor is it drug-induced. The work is very grounded and practical. The guiding beings are focused, gentle and directive. It doesn't feel mind-expanding, it feels there's a job to do and is matter-of-fact as going to Tesco to do the shopping or fixing the car. It's only afterwards when back into 3D that I think "what was THAT all about!?!"

This time, I'd been on a retreat at the coast for about 28 days of solitude and complete silence, fasting and total cleansing, meditation and yoga, coastal breeze and ozone, prana and breath work. Then, entering the space of Eternal Bliss, I felt liberated from the threefold sufferings (mental illness, physical illness and spiritual ignorance), the concept of The Light Project centres came in one instant. I then spent the next few days and weeks trying to capture the concept on paper (as a series of visuals) and the next few months, indeed years decoding, attempting to share, elaborate and communicate with other people.

At first I thought .... "wow, a special transition project and my job in the hear-and-now is simply to co-create a special centre for study and for people to live in the new paradigm, meditating away downloading the 'bliss codes' and manifesting heaven on earth. As all these 'inner-directive' people are now actively living in the Christ Consciousness and answering only to the Divine Within, no guru is required. Great I thought, that's me off the hook! The last thing I want to do is starting writing more books and doing the seminar and workshop rounds of the New Age circuit."

I've previously been a Project Manager/Director in eco building work and conservation. I've worked in promotions and media. I've also co-Founded trusts and similar, therefore my function will be 'nuts and bolts' helping to put the thing together whilst spending the rest of my time in medative bliss! Cool!!

Let's start by deciphering some of the complexities. We don't want to alienate people and create barriers. Let's translate and interpret in easy to understand words and concepts. Afterall, if it's about a return to profound simplicity, living 'with' the harmonics and rhythms of nature, and the resolution of duality .... then heh, we're all programmed for that anyway. All we have to do is retune and enter into 'process'.

OK, a kind of eco village but with a significant difference. The most important things at the first centre is the central geodesic structure as a meditation hall and activation device, an 'Observatory' (of inner-space), The Celestial Eye. More about the detailing, 'the ring of serenity' and the central focus later. It's equally important to build where there is potent energy, ideally over a good aquifer. Other structures for accommodation, support facilities, education and learning in the L.A.B., then radiating in a spiral representing sacred geometry within the landscape. Permaculture and self-sufficient power systems integrated too. (One of the symbols on all early documents was the harmonic of groundplan layout i.e. the overtone of the spiral in cross-section.)

So let's call the first centre Peace Park. Should be easy to understand, doesn't sound cultist and everyone can get their heads around the concept of peace, peaceful living and the harmonics of nature.

Let's call the study and education aspect Biofield Research. It's about studying our quantum biology, our societal energies, our planetary fields, the harmonics of the Cosmic Biofield.

If this model is kept simple whilst precise in it's maths and science, working with the geometric harmonics, it should be able replicatable so that other people can be also be created at strategic points over the planet so that it (we) can start to radiate different frequencies to the cosmos (or more precisely, our stellar system). Initially one on each landmass, then building up probably to the appropriate number. As they come online they could each be part of a network and run individually or collectively for a WorldInPeace.

That was years ago. The concept of Light Project has always been about the return to natural order. The concept of creating centres is about providing opportunities for an awakening to full body consciousness. The importance of 'now' is simply about the time of transition. In fact, all healing is done in the present moment, the 'now', that's why we're here.

My understanding is since modified:

The 'me' which is not individual but an integral part of whole-consciousness, knowingly tapped into a series of events which in someways are inevitable and on some level are already happening.

'Little me', the individuated "spark," thought it would be a great idea to create a Peace Park at the epicentre of the crop circle phenomenon where the acquires are magnificent and potent.

A countryside 250 acre redundant farm became available and was offered and became manifest as a potential location in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in visible distance to the infamous Milk Hill and the White Horse of Alton Barnes. I assumed those already tuned-in to transition messages would synchronistically respond and we would make a new UK Peace Park manifest by co-creation. That did not happen and the farm was sold to a developer in late 2005.

On another part of the planet, meantime, the amazing Jose Arguelles and his colleagues are now preparing something of similar design and proportion, with similar intentions. The first centre is to be in South America. Fantastic! The Mayan Factor!! At last, there's sign of it happening 'somewhere'. Such a blessing, I'm able to 'let go'!

I met Jose at a conference in Rome, tho' it's not my area of research I truly admire his work. Now, it appears CREST Planetary Engineering Project is in place and Daniel Lipschits is taking on a lot of the responsibility.

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Anna said...

Hey Neil,
Anna 6 earth here from Tortuga. Thanks for sharing the story. I was thinking how things are going for you and kin in UK. What Will you be doing on the Day Out of Time?
So it was that much going on inside you. Will be a pity to miss details of your plan, even though not immediately manifest. Maybe there is something to inrich CREST project. I was thinking about such centers here in Europe. It feels that although people like myself have a strong desire to come apart from the hussle and bustle of this "market" life, the ties of responsibility (kids, family, work) are strong and hold you "in position". However a model of a permanent center (those who are not bound by society or elderly people who have chosen for this spiritual retreat) with "holiday" option would be great.
Thank you and much licht,