Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shangri-la :: the Hunza

Secrets of the world's healthiest
and oldest living people

Jay Hoffman'’s accounted his journey nearly fifty years ago, to the Hunza Valley in the Himalaya of Northern Pakistan to research the oldest known people on the planet, the Hunzakuts. He describes in detail a community living a disease-free, long and healthy life, living over 100 years to 120 or perhaps even 140 really IS the natural norm for the human animal. Curious that this is NOT new information, that Jay's findings were carried out a couple of generations ago.

Perhaps if we can stop the continual poisoning of the body system and violating our very being, for us this need be some intangible esoteric concept or idealistic fantasy for future mankind to get his head around, or for scientists to manipulate our DNA or invent more pharmaceuticals. It's tanglible as something we can do here and now.

The Hunzakut Way Of Life

What makes them reknown for health, endurance and longevity? What do they do which is so different to have no degenerative disease and to die of old age rather than illness?

Essentially, their eating lifestyle involves being 90% vegetarian with a little milk and butter and goats meat on feast days. Staple in the diet is apricots, soy bean and wheat. They consume 80% complex carbohydrate, 10% protein and 10% fat. No oils or fats (other than in the form which nature presents it i.e. already contained in the whole food), no sugar, no condiments. No caffeine or alcohol drinks, however they do consume a high-mineral drink "salajeet" as part of the daily regime, a tea of rock resin. They have between 2-4 bowel movements per day, usually after each meal, stools which are soft and odourless. They always sleep on an empty stomach, never after a meal and typically for 6/7 hours each night. I wonder how easy it is to adapt to a similar regime and if it would bring the same results, or whether there would still be a magical 'something' missing?

Some say that the water they drink flowing from the glaciers are so pure and high in mineral content and energetically charged, that this is the most 'magical' ingredient as our water is so polluted, our foods deficient in minerals through forced growing and toxic chemicals and that a lot of what we consume is energetically dead.

In 2005 we were in discussion with them with the intention of starting a project there. We were also planning to take a small group on a trek to prepare to set it up. Then the earthquake happened and all plans were shelved. We'd still like to hear from anyone who is interested in taking part when the time's right. Do get in touch.

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