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The Sovereign Self :: jewel purpose

Secret Doctrine? Lucis Trust & Alice Bailey? Enochian? Pleiadean? Wingmakers? Arcturian?

Names and titles, in this instance, are not important as this is not a contest of cosmic contact or awareness. I've been asked to repeat and share an important spontaneous experience of 'other world reality' beyond five senses. It's not shamanic ritual. It's not about ayahuasca or any other drug, herb, mushroom or substance use.

Reason: many others experience something very similar if/when doing 'the work'. By work, I'm not talking about the daily grind, looking after family needs, keeping up-to-date with the media, or staying in-touch with the 'chatter and clatter' of our mates and friends, mobile phones, web search, and the like. It's the reverse. The hard work is getting away from all that. Then, the easy work is just going with the flow, away from man-made constructs, in harmony with nature, cleansing and purifying the system and tuning-in.

The background to my experience is that I'd been desperate to get away on a particular retreat. It resonated big time. It's as if I had some in-built knowing. I'd been meditating 'properly' for months, cleansing, affirmations and lots of other preparatory work. When I received the email of the retreat and the costs I was so disappointed. I could never afford it and never get the time off work to do it. In the very next post was a letter about some bizarre small insurance policy I didn't even know about which had been bought by another company (or something like that), and was paying small dividends. With the letter was a cheque which amounted to the cost of the retreat plus just enough travel money to get there and return home! Coincidence or synchronicity?

Some time later . . .

About 5 days into the retreat, eating pure foods, cleansed, focused and I'm 100% with everything that's going on, with some really cool people and thinking "if this is a taster of paradise, then this is where I wanna be, this is my new life."

In the guided meditation I'm trying to keep with it but floating into translucent light, in another direction completely:

Suddenly, out-of-body I observe the room yet I have a choice where I'm being 'pulled' (magnetically) toward.

Suspended in what looks like outer-space however there are strands of DNA inter-twined and going back into infinity, awesome beyond description, all of which is 'me'; going back thru' our common history, through different ages and civilisations, Atlantean, Lemurian and beyond. When I bring each nodule of the DNA matrix into focus, each is a life of mine (or, more precisely one I can 'own and identify' as mine). I can freely enter each to relive or re-experience, future or past. Each nodule is a life-portal (including this life) on a past future continuum. Whether or not I have a magnetic need to return to any particular life or life experience (karma) is governed by whether the nodule has a peace symbol on it, or not. If there's a symbol yes, it's 'sealed', it's resolved although I still have free choice to re-enter. If no symbol, then it's not sealed and there are matters to resolve, things to learn, and there is a strong magnetic pull.

I tested them some of them out, wondering if this is just something in my mind, whether they are symbolic, metaphor or representational of mindset, present psychological state, guilt/shadow complex, and the like. I don't believe that to be the case. The more I entered each one the more it became less observational and the more I became involved holographically (if that makes any sense). The deeper I entered in and became involved the less easy it was to be able to retract.

Whilst still trying to map 'my' lives, past and future throughout the Universe, I'm thinking what an amazing insight this is and how grateful I am, in a suspended place of calm, peace and rest within the cosmos, in all that 'IS'. Somehow, I feel nurtured and looked after.

Almost shockingly the Cosmos splits, almost like a night sky painted on a theatre backdrop and the canvas rips. A portal opens in a controlled way. The magnetic pull takes me through into a much more rarefied Universe. It felt as if the other Universe, although suspended in the vacuum of 'nothingness' was filled with quite a lot of gross matter. This is an even nicer 'place' to be.

Just as I'm tuning-in, whoosh, it splits again! This time, the portal opens differently, like a camera shutter, into yet another even more rarefied Universe. This time no 'stuff' which I could call "matter," not even gaseous matter, not even dark matter. Something very, very different. The magnetism transports me.

Here, I can only briefly describe something representational. It involves seven facets (or chambers) of a magnificent jewel of creation. Each facet has an overseeing opalescent light entity or Lord, supported by another member of 'Council' (??*~*?? ...... yo, this is NOT stuff I believe in or would conjure up .... get into my dreams and you'd find out why!!!). My involuntionary and evolutionary role in lives is especially relevant to one facet. I meet and exchange with the Master and Guide both in their opalescent light-forms. Rituals and ceremonies takes place. All the learnings and teachings are in the Language of Light. Deep feelings of knowing, remembering and purpose. Feelings of belonging, yearning for home. An almost overwhelming love envelops me wrapped in Eternal Bliss. Timelessness. Rapture.

There's a sudden impulse as I'm being pulled away. Suddenly I start to feel uncomfortable as two portals reopen, I'm almost sucked back in the other 'direction' and I start to hear loud human voices (which are talking softly and gently). Everything starts to feel gross and crude as I begin to realise I'm precipitated into a body again which is really, very very heavy. I re-enter consciousness in the meditation room of the retreat centre.

I've journeyed for ages and ages, it felt like I'd been away not for hours, but years (perhaps longer). In the room, people said our meditation was for 20 minutes. When I 'came to' I asked their experience of the meditation, it was totally, utterly different.

I was profoundly effected by what happened and my life has been irrevocably changed ever since. On the retreat, I remained in near silence for the next few days whilst trying to integrate my new understandings and their implications.


Drug induced? Certainly not.

Led by beliefs or expectation? Nope, it was completely spontaneous and 'little me' was wanting to remain very much with the group.

Tried to conjure something, to be a bit 'special'?

Books or other things I've been 'exposed' to which could play on the mind?
Like what? Most unlikely, particularly when I felt fully in control all of the time, that I always had choices, that I was loved utterly and completely no matter what.

Psychological disturbance?
How? This is bliss, the stuff religions and other traditions talk of throughout the ages and aspire to. So do I, I'd like more please ..... except, I can't dial-it-up on demand!

Are those Light Beings the same as the Ascended Masters?
I wish! I was hoping they would be!! That would be easier, then I could talk more in the parlance that people (and I) are familiar with. It's another, different frequency-band.

Sacred Initiation?
Yep, such is the nature of initiation, life changes irrevocably by the revealing, you can't 'unlearn' or go back.

Absolutely not. Loads of people are having similar experiences. Though not conclusive, evidence suggests it needs the preparation 'work' to be put in by the aspirant, and without expectation or attachment, or looking for outcome. In other words, put in the work for yourself not for any other reason.

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