Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sungazing :: solar yoga

Solar Healing

Of course, why wouldn't I want to? It's not buying into a religious regimen or strict meditation discipline, and there's no temple or church to go to. Nor is it quasi spiritualism, no workshops or seminars to attend or sign-up for. And, it's not about learning what food is 'right' for us/me, nor about eating or not eating.

It's learning an easy technique, building the practice gradually just for nine months. It's about making a focused direct connection with the sun at an appropriate time on a daily basis .... our star which gives life to us and our host planet. The effects can be scientifically measured. And, no radical changes need to be made from the outset, just the commitment to do it. OK!

Looking at remedial fasting retreats, the results great and well worth all the effort, but they need so much preparation and dedication to see it through, and take out so much time. Not easy to do very often. Since studying rawfoodism I've long accepted that nutrition via food is a secondary source and the primary source being solar. I also love the idea of potentising solar water. This makes perfect sense.

I came across Hiri Ratan Manek's work about five years ago, read an article and was mildly interested. Another time I browsed his website and didn't really take in the information fully but I was curious on a couple of evenings to give it a go, then the next day was cloudy so that was the end of it. Now, having come across the info yet again it's as if it keeps finding me! I've read it more thoroughly this time and it 'presses all my "yes" buttons'. It's so natural.

When I think of some of the awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets I've seen in the past, at times majestic beyond description .... I'm gonna make it part of my daily routine. One sunrise I can never forget was whilst trekking in the Himalayas. I felt a deep and intimate connection with the planetary and systemic movement and rotation, with the divinity of nature on a scale I cannot begin to describe.

For years I've worked with the 13 lunar cycles in each solar cycle (instead of 12 months which make little sense). With the potent energy of the full moon sometimes as a peak experience, it's always a time for special meditations. Similarly, beginning something afresh around the new moon is routine to me. I'm also usually 'tuned-in' with the equinox and solstices and tend to mark each occasion with something special. How come I've missed out on synchronising with the sun itself, taking it for granted? Better prepare for healing of the solar kind.

I so resonate with Hira's words about it being a method of focus for Eternal Bliss, freedom from the threefold sufferings, mental illness, physical illness and spiritual ignorance.

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