Monday, March 20, 2006

Why? :: F.A.Q's

Soul Purpose

Is it to do with awakening and/or ascension? More than likely.

Are humans 'hard-wired' for this process/purpose? Could be.

Do we exist in other dimensions? Yes, definitely.

Is it about activation of the Light Body? Why not!

Is it about religion or faith? No.

What about guilt and virtue? You tell me.

Past and future? Healing is in the present, wherever that may be in the Eternal Now.

Is it open for everyone? Yes, but only a small minority will respond.

Is it just theta and delta brainwave patterns or achieving other altered states of consciousness? No.

Is it to do with self-realisation? Depends what's experiential and what remains theoretical for you.

Is it a Soul grouping coming together for the great event? If it resonates with you at a profound level, you'll know. Be guided from within.

I've not found any system which completely supports my beliefs of 'who I am' in a way that's wholly authentic and respectful of my Sovereign Being.

In looking to follow certain gurus or faith traditions, at some point I nearly always find their views incomplete, sometimes doctrinated in a way I find unacceptable. From a deep sense of knowing, they haven't got the full picture and it would be inauthentic for me to compromise and continue. Some, I find are bigoted, opinionated and take a moral high-ground, because they have a captive audience who have lost their inquisitive ability. The majority still look for forgiveness and absolution and are not seeking their Divinity.

The story of faith systems, their history and evolution sometimes is a stringing together to account events to justify what they do in the name of truth without evidence. Therefore, in my opinion these are JUST stories not to be taken as literal and filters need to be used, much as you'd use a spam filter on your computer. Discernment! Paradox and double standards appear frequently, most of which are neatly justified, sometimes too neatly i.e. "it's OK for me to do this, but not so you." This, to me is part of the dumbing down, control-drama in another way.

Discourse and dialogue have their use in helping us refocus, in realigning, in our rediscovery, but the time has to come when we lay down the words in preference to personal practice and cultivation techniques, to direct experience. Otherwise, words count for very little.

One thing all techniques share is the requirement for focused intent, personal practice and conscious cultivation.

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