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Agnihotra :: homa therapy

Agnihotra Adventure

A few people in the UK are asking where to source the fuel (cow pat) locally. We also have practioners (in the south) offering to set something up. If you're interested or can help do let us know.

We are planning a physical adventure as well as a spiritual exploration to find out more. The main purpose of our trip is to experience and learn the ancient Ayurvedic science. This purification of the atmosphere has been resurrected for the benefit of mankind.

Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the Vedas, the most ancient body of knowledge known. It is given at this most crucial time to enable us to get out of the extremely polluted conditions we have created on our planet. We have the power to change these fundamental conditions by changing what is ours to change … OURSELVES … and our immediate environment. A beneficial change in our environment affects beneficially ALL OF LIFE.

The simple Agnihotra fire, practiced at sunrise and sunset will heal the atmosphere, and this purified atmosphere will, in turn heal you, your family, animals and plants around you and your home. Feel the tremendous effects of stress being lifted as peace, love and tranquillity enter your life. Find out how and why.

Based at the Tapovan spiritual health retreat in North Maharashtra in India, the tranquil, rural setting is amidst fruit orchard or mango, almonds, figs, and Ayurvedic herbs which is ideal for meditation. Simple nature-cure treatments including mud baths, steam baths with Ayurvedic herbs along with full body massage. Learn simple, sustainable lifestyle skills including sprouting, dehydrating food, gourmet vegetarian cooking, seed saving, vermiculture and some useful meditation techniques. You can participate in eco-friendly housing constructions projects with locally available materials, e.g. bamboo, mud, straw, etc., also play with the farm animals and participate in simple craft jewelling making sessions.

The expedition elements of the adventure include exploring Ellora and Ajanti Caves, both World Heritage sites. The Hindu, Jain and Buddhist caves and shrines were chiselled into perfection between the 4th and 9th century. Also visits to the temples in nearby villages on a bullock-cart, journeying to other ancient temples set on one of India’s sacred rivers, walking the banks of the Narmada Other local attractions include the Temple of Trees, an evening concert of Bhjans featuring local villagers.

On Retreat:

This holy place is unique and run by westerners who follow a simple Vedic lifestyle. Accommodation is for 2 persons sharing with bed linen and towels provided. Each person will be under the care of a trained Ayurvedic doctor for the entire stay. A cleansing, nourishing diet will be adapted to suit each persons individual needs.

The typical daily pattern on retreat :: begin the day with sunrise Ayurvedic Healing Fire :: simple yoga on the rooftop terrace :: morning stroll and rock collecting :: mud bath plus choice of spinal bath, steam bath or massage :: hands-on learning about sprouting grains, legumes, seeds and nuts :: participation in the preparation of gourmet vegetarian dishes, both raw and cooked :: making simple wholemeal chapattis or bread in the home-made oven :: sustainable lifestyle skills :: meditation and breathing techniques :: sunset Agnihotra Healing Fire.

The duration of this adventure will be finalised once we’ve ascertained the level of interest. However, it is likely to be around three weeks and will include at least the above activities. Sometime between Oct 2006 and March 2007.

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