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Colourful Consensus

A frequent topic of discussion is on management and governance of collective principles, gaining informed agreement, consensus, and what is democracy ....

Whatever we call any system, it's still a man-made construct and therefore subject to interpretation, manipulation, and all the self-seeking control stuff we're all too familiar with, non of which is very enlightening. It would seem to me that the most important thing is not the words we use to describe a system of debating/ management/ governance, nor the system itself for they are all fallible. What's most important is the intent of those contributing to process.

Words can be manipulated to bring about a variety of meanings and outcomes, rational 'truths', justifications. The colour of energy however, just 'is' and therefore is not subjected to any of that criteria. Energy patterns don't know morale right or wrong, positive/negative, just or injust, energy 'is'! Therefore right intent is the expression of 'good' energy (i.e. non-divisive, non-manipulative) seen in etheric colour or resonance.

One key example for me is when we were co-founding the UK Reiki FederationI use (apologies to those who've heard it all before):

There was a meeting in London with all the major schools within the UK invited to attend with a view to gaining consensus, organising professional practice in preparation for self-regulation of the profession in UK healthcare law. I was the 'new boy on the block', not sure why I was there, and very much wanted to just observe and support. Naively, I was awe-inspired thinking "wow, being in the same presence of such wisdom, such semi-ascended beings." I was not sure I was worthy to be at such a meeting so I'd best not say anything and just tune-in and absorb the energies.

We did a large Reiki-circle. Discussions commenced, I was still trying to visualise the large pillar of pure white light ascending from this circle and I was having great difficulty. Thinking it was more about me and my inability to match their vibrationary level/ frequency, I worked hard to listen and also tune-in more precisely. I realised that the pillar of white light from the group energy was actually a muddy colour and a very distorted shape. My intuition told me that either there was something horribly wrong OR, conversely there was about to be a catastrophe (in London they happen frequently). I guess both were right.

I listened hard with 'the antennae up', not just for a hour but for the whole morning and into the afternoon. Finally, I could stand it no longer, the arguments, the misquoting and the mis-representations, I asked the facilitator if I could speak. I fed-back to the group what I understood to be the sifted or 'filtered' expressed collective intentions and asked that if that were the case and everyone agreed, there was also a constructive way forward which embraced them all.

Without going into chapter and verse, that's what happened and why/ how I became the founding 'chair' for the first five years of the Federation. The point I'm trying to make here is that I had no former intention and zero expectation this would be the case.

During those formative years, instead of a hierarchical structure we were 360 degrees, we didn't have an executive board but a Core Team. When Core Team met, irrespective of a logical organised agenda to address (from admin) we always held a circle, sensed or 'read' the energy and worked with 'what is'. We also tried to make it fun and enjoyable, rather than a burden or obligation. Later in the day we'd check to see that we'd also covered the agenda.

Core Team members all had to adhere to the five Reiki Precepts (as set by Dr Mikao Usui) and ALL also to be in continual self-practice. The purpose and value in virtue was for all to do our best to get the intent as pure as possible and to support each other if it were otherwise. It's not to say that we didn't have problems, far from it. They were pioneering times, sometimes bizarre taking us into unexpected areas of unfolding, but we had the faith and confidence in our collective endeavors. We succeeded.

I believe the model started to breakdown when we became less rigorous in the insistence of self-practice and the Precepts for Core Team. People (Reiki Masters) would just accept it as a 'given' without question (because of who they were, where they were coming from and what they were trying to do). A political, fear engendering blame culture began to creep in, as with most 'normal' organisations. Time became often more focused on personalities and politicals rather than getting the intent right for the Highest Good, irrespective of words expressed. The colour of collective energy tells another story!

My opinions on Consensus and a new way of managing societal being, our collectives? Yes, it I believe it can work when a discipline which is openly agreed and adhered to by all who are co-opted into process, along with a shared commitment to see it through. The sum is greater than its parts, and can still be relatively 'clear' without too much baggage. (I've not seen many working good examples though.) Hoping "it'll all be alright on the night" is not enough!

For those not familiar with Reiki Precepts:
  • Just for today do not worry
  • Just for today do not anger
  • Honour your parents, teachers and elders
  • Earn your living honestly
  • Show gratitude to every living thing
Can you imagine how different our political structures and governments would be, our captains of industry, our media moguls, if this were recognised adopted. We wouldn't waste more time and energy 'arguing the toss' and taking stances, we'd be saying "oohh, we're SO 'off-colour' and need to be well to work well; let's take time-out to reflect, refocus, and radiate more healthily, it'll be more efficient in the longrun, save loads of time and angst!"

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