Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thought Technology :: waves of intent

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

We know in our everyday lives that there's more 'alive' in the cosmos which is beyond our visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. the bits we can see), and yet most of us still try to use the conditioning of old-style physics to justify and rationalise our thought processes.

Einstein tells us that nothing can travel more than 186,282.397 miles per second. That's probably OK for those who believe they live just in a 3 or 4 dimensional timespace. However, our recent scientific theories tells us of an 11 dimensional Multiverse with the nearest Universe being less than 1mm away from YOUR skin! (Mine too!!) So what's going on in all these far out places, these realms of hyper space, no further than the end of your arm??? Hhhmmm .....

So, I wonder where all the ascended beings hang out in the heavens, and the angelic realms (mentioned in just about all faith systems) in some far-off remote galaxy? Unlikely. More likely they're here, now, just beyond our five-sense perception.

Prayer, distant healing, healing circles also appears in some form in just about all faith systems too, along with sound such as mantra and hymns. Why? Because it's using thought technology which, if done in the right, in a focused way can bring instant and miraculous results. NLP and EFT techniques are useful modern examples.

In thinking of others, it's no good just thinking words "poor sods down the road, they've had it a bit rough lately, wish them well," because evidently, the intent isn't rightly applied to bring about the results requested, it's not sent on the right frequency-band.

Why do we use chanting, sound vibration and certain music? To prepare, to tune-in to the right 'station'. Why do we use meditation and prayer? Simply, to send the right 'signal'. When we're in delta and theta brain-wave states - it's proven - "cosmic consciousness" and "miracles happen"! So why not spend more time working in these states?

I've never met anyone who has NOT had phenomenal experience, one way or another. By phenomenal I mean beyond 3D, 5 sense explanation. Miracles happen all over the place and yet we still doubt it! Ponder on your individual role and what the collective impact would be if people 'unplugged' themselves from old-conditioning, the entrapment? What proportion of your think time is spent on control-drama and conditioning and how much is spent on miracle mindedness? Therefore, what aggregate energetic signals are you/we projecting out? Wouldn't it be great to step-up the frequencies of our hearts and minds in a more personally empowered way?

There are as many ways to God (Unity Consciousness, Supreme Being, the Divine, and all other names/titles) as there are people. All people share the potential and, surely that's what brotherhood and sisterhood is about. Religion IS separation as it claims some kind of unique in-road to spirituality.

Most agree that being of service to one's fellow man is a worthy cause, yet most of the time we are not in service to ourselves. Think, about what signals you're sending out to the cosmos as well about what you're receiving.

Preparedness and Mind Mastery techniques are about purifying and filtering the channel, plugging in the right powerpack or 'charge', and tuning-in the best frequency band.

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